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Should We Stay or Should We Go? The Homeowners Dilemma

Updated: Apr 12

In today's economic landscape, with rising living costs and increasing mortgage rates, homeowners face a pivotal decision: should you move to a new house or enhance the one you currently live in? This choice is especially relevant for residents of Bexley and surrounding areas. Here, we'll explore both options—moving for a fresh start or staying to customize and improve your existing space.

The Case for Moving

Flexible Working and Reduced Commutes

The post-pandemic world has introduced more flexible working arrangements, reducing the need for daily commutes to London. This shift gives homeowners in boroughs like Bexley, traditionally chosen for their proximity to London, a reason to consider relocating. Moving further out may offer more house for your money, without the hassle of a cramped train ride every morning.

Enhanced Living Conditions

Relocating can be an opportunity to find a home that better suits your current needs. Whether it’s seeking more space, a different layout, or newer facilities, moving could also mean access to superior local amenities like schools, parks, and shops—all of which enhance daily life.

Health and Lifestyle Benefits

A new environment might also boost your health and well-being. Cleaner air, more green spaces, and a larger sense of community are possible perks of moving to a new area. Additionally, as your family grows or your personal situation changes, finding a home that aligns with your evolving lifestyle needs becomes crucial.

The Case for Staying and Extending

Customization and Comfort

Staying put gives homeowners the chance to spend the time and money spent on moving home, to tailor their living spaces to their precise tastes and needs. Home improvements and renovations not only increase the comfort and functionality of your home but can also significantly boost its market value. (See our previous blog here about loft coversions vs single storey extensions, as an example).

Avoiding Disruption

Choosing to extend rather than move can help you avoid the disruption that comes with changing your living environment. Particularly for families with school-age children or individuals with strong social ties, maintaining stability by not uprooting can provide substantial benefits.

Increasing Property Value

As mentioned earlier, investing in home improvements and extensions can considerably enhance the market value of your property. Well-executed renovations expand your home’s appeal to potential buyers and can offer a robust return on investment.

Cost Comparison

The Financial Implications of Moving

Moving isn't cheap. In 2024, the average cost to buy and sell a home in the UK is around £10,255. However, in areas like Bexley, where average prices are higher, these costs can nearly double. Specific moving expenses, like removal services for a three-bedroom house, might also add around £1,150 to your budget. (HomeOwners Alliance).

Enhancing Your Home

On the other hand, the costs for extending or developing your home can vary widely. Traditional architect fees alone can range from 3-10% of the total project cost. (We can offer a cheaper alternative).

For smaller adjustments, don’t forget to account for additional expenses like building regulation checks, which usually come in at about 10% of the extension price. (HomeOwners Alliance).

Material Costs

Post-pandemic supply chain issues have led to increased prices for building materials. This affects both the costs of moving, should some renovations be necessary, and the expenses related to home development projects.


Whether to move to a new home or enhance your existing one depends on multiple factors including personal preferences, financial readiness, and long-term goals. For those in Bexley and nearby boroughs, consider what you value most: the adventure of a new environment or the comfort of customizing your current space. Remember, if you choose to extend or develop, local options like ours might offer a more cost-effective solution.

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